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E-reputation: the success of your business

Since a few years, Google's algorithm is able to understand that a user wants to find a service nearby, by identifying keywords such as "gym" or "real estate agency" and then uses the location to propose geolocated results

Boost your results

Local SEO will inform your future customers about your business, to attract them more effectively to your point of sale.

visibilité locale des points de vente

More visits

Maximise the local visibility of each outlet in its catchment area

augmenter le chiffre d'affaire des points de vente

More sales

Generate traffic in your outlets and increase your turnover 

fideliser la clientèle

Maximise your visibility

Search engines take many factors into account when ranking search results, and e- reputation is one of them. Your future customers place a strong value on customer reviews. With a good e-reputation, you will attract new customers by giving them confidence in your products and services.

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Overall rating

Improve your overall rating with positive reviews



Generate more direct calls and leads

Collect reviews simply

Haavy helps you improve your company's ranking in geolocated results, you gain visibility in your catchment area and you generate more direct calls, leads and sales

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Positive reviews from every customer within seconds


Turn every customer into an advocate


No technical knowledge required, no tricky settings


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The system works regardless of your business area

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